Collection: Sweater Quantity Library

*As I prep for fiber festivals and trunk shows, turnaround times for the Sweater Quantity Library are currently extended to 6-8 weeks. This timeline is in effect for as long as this message is posted. Thank you for you understanding.*

The Sweater Quantity Library is currently in testing. Estimated turnaround is 3-5 weeks but this subject to change; I'll notify you if this is the case. 

Each colorway is available in multiples of however many skeins it takes me to fill a pan. This may change in the future.

Because the quantities of the Sweater Quantity Library are different than with pre-orders, the Anti Fat-Tax discounts for dyed to order are also different. 6-8 skein orders are 10% off with code DTO10 and 9+ skein orders are 15% off with code DTO15. Please only use these codes for the manner in which they are intended. (If you order 12+ skeins of colorways that are in multiples of 4 and the anti fat-tax discount applies to you, please email me with your order number and I'll refund the discount difference that is owed to you.) Thank you.