About the Owner

Hi! I'm Sarah!

I first started my fiber journey in elementary school where I took a class during recess to learn knitting. I was so bad at it! Fast forward to age 27.. my partner at the time bought me a "Knitting for Beginners" DVD and some knitting needles. I was determined to get it right this time! After spending several months knitting all the accessories I could I taught myself how to crochet and left knitting in the dust (for like 8 years.. I came back to it lol)

Enter 2020.. the year that we do not speak of. I decided to try my hand at pattern design! This picture shows me modelling my first crochet garment pattern! Man I'm so proud of this design! (It's the Sundial Tank.. you can find it on Ravelry!). This is also the year I discovered hand dyed yarn and we all know how that goes! I was hooked!

At the time I was studying for my real estate license and I just knew that wasn't right for me. Early 2022 I tried dyeing yarn and holy crap was I hooked!! My first hand dyed yarn collection was inspired by the movie Encanto and it was so well received, I knew I'd finally found my calling!

That's me.. I love yarn, I love you, and I'm so happy you're here <3