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*Please do not order any other items with this listing. Other items need to be ordered separately. Unfortunately, if you do order other items with this listing I'll have to issue a refund for the other items as I am unable to ship them at the same time. Thank you.

Similar to Holiday advent calendars, we're going to countdown to the next Zodiac season with yarn!

Zodiac countdowns are very limited in quantity and are sold as pre-orders, opening 10 weeks before the start of the next Zodiac season on our pre-order calendar (see below). The pre-order will stay open for 1 week or until sold out, whichever happens first. 

See listings for pricing, what's included, and expected shipping dates.

Zodiac Countdown pre-order calendar:
Taurus 2.6.2024 Cancer 4.7.2024 Virgo 6.9.2024
Scorpio 8.9.2024 Capricorn 10.8.2024 Pisces 12.5.2024
Gemini 3.7.2025 Leo 5.9.2025 Libra 7.9.2025
Sagittarius 9.8.2025 Aquarius 11.6.2025 Aries 1.7.2026

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